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Sharing common values

POK® is a rapidly expanding company with a strong vision. We understand that our commitment to our customers is the key to our growth. Our solutions must do everything possible to meet the main challenges faced by our product users which is to ensure their safety whilst doing their uttermost to save lives. Our mission is to support all those who fight fire, by providing them with adapted and efficient tools, and by responding as quickly as possible to their needs.

The reason POK is a key player in the firefighting industry is that we share common values with our main customers- firefighters:

  • Our PASSION motivates us to think differently, to constantly innovate, to be imaginative and daring, to challenge established concepts. We set ourselves ambitious targets to develop quickly new technologies.
  • COURAGE, we have the strength to guide our customers in unknown territories and to look for best solutions.
  • ACCURACY, each task is considered complete if validated and if it meets the desired objective.
  • The firefighting industry dictates a set pace; we need to respond promptly or immediately to the demands received. Like firefighters, POK's employees are SWIFT, plan in advance and pay close attention to customers' needs.
  • FLEXIBILITY: POK's mission is to grow whilst remaining flexible in order to find the right solution for each request. At POK, we offer guidance and we customise products to meet perfectly our customers' requirements.
  • We are CONFIDENT in the industry's future. Consequently, we are investing heavily in manufacturing equipment and in our product development department.

These values are POK's values, they are shared across all our business units and bring our employees together. We are proud of our mission. We, therefore, design, manufacture and market quality firefighting products. We are a united team at the service of those who give so much to the community through their commitment, dedication and devotion. We are happy to work so closely with firefighters from all around the world.

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