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When Innovation meets Sports

POK® is proud to offer sponsorship to sport related activities and groups. The company particularly engages with sports played by firefighters. Currently, we are supporting various Firefighter Combat Challenge events.


Firefighter Combat Challenge

The Firefighter Combat Challenge is a competition in which firefighters from all around the world compete in timed events either individually or in teams to complete, with the full uniform on, a trail simulating the real challenges encountered during an emergency call. Founded in 1991 by Dr. Paul Davis and initially set up for the training of newly recruited firefighters in the USA. The Firefighter Combat Challenge is also known as the toughest two minutes, a name derived from the deadline set up for new recruits to achieve to be able to join a local unit.

POK's engagement to the Firefighter Combat Challenge is not solely limited to sponsorship, our engineers also specifically designed the Victory for this competition. Victory is a hand nozzle known for its robustness, high accuracy, low weight and easy handling; the perfect product to save valuable seconds on the way to the finish line for your training as well as for the competition.

All world records can be found on the official website of the Firefigher Combat Challenge.


Should you wish to check some of the Firefighter Combat Challenge events please visit:




Getting sponsorship

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