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Founded in 1976, POK® is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of firefighting equipment. POK is recognized worldwide for its know-how and the quality of its products. For over forty years, our teams have been dedicated to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. We serve men and women who, through our products, protect and save lives. This is the POK ethos.

In addition to manufacturing our own-brand products, we develop and manufacture private-label firefighting equipment for our top distributors and other customers.

Private label manufacturing requires a great industrial know-how combine with competitivity and high quality products. Flexibility, innovation and reactivity are essential characteristics that allow us to develop private label product ranges.

We constantly invest in the improvement of our industrial equipments and in the training of our staff. You can rely on us to create your firefighting equipment. Working in partnership with POK means enjoying:

If you are perfectly established on your market, if you master your distribution channels and if you wish to increase your turnover by developing your range of products, we invite you to contact our sales France and Export teams. We will work together to develop your project. We will help you identify your needs and we will design with you a range of tailor-made products that perfectly meet your expectations and those of your customers.

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