POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - Case Study N°2: Fire brigade, FRANCE
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Case Study N°2: Firefighters, FRANCE

Custom made product: The Montmirail

At POK®, we know that it is important to listen to our customers to innovate. Even with its 4,500 items, our product development department actively engages with all customers to design innovative solutions responding to their needs.

Customer needs

POK's engineers do not stop at the development of new products; they understand that Fire Brigades around the world face various challenges. Once a standard product is created, the product development department reviews each product with users to design a spin-off solution suitable for different needs. Meetings with French firefighters, helped us enhance the Montmirail accuracy, security and the equipment stability on all grounds and to maximise the product usage.

POK's solutions

Firstly, our team changed the pressure gauge to improve the Montmirail accuracy. The 0 to 40 pressure gauge previously used was replaced by a 0 to 16 glycerin pressure gauge to make the needle more stable and consequently making it easier for the user to take the reading.

Secondly, the safety valve was upgraded; the modified valve is easier to reload and has enhanced usability. The endpoint was also modified to secure the equipment stability on all type of grounds.

Thirdly, the site motion lock was corrected by fitting a button easier to grab on, especially when wearing gloves. Our team revised the lock to increase its efficiency notably when using a water-foam barrel.

Finally, our product development department designed a brand new diffuser for this monitor: the Autokador 4000; this self-adjusting hose can reach 4,000L/min in horizontal range.

Final results

Thanks to its characteristics (safe, lightweight, usability), options (20 options available) and performance (4,000L/min), the Montmirail has become one of POK's fastest sellers in a very short time.

The Montmirail is the perfect example of how strong collaboration between users (French firefighters) and product designers (product development department) create great solutions.

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