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Caring for the future

In France, the protection of the environment is an important factor to consider for companies; particularly in our industry. POK® has always been concerned with effective management of resources throughout the manufacturing cycle of its products. This commitment was rewarded when POK secured the ISO 14001 certification in 2013.

ISO 14001 is a benchmark established by the International Organization for Standardization. It sets out a series of specific requirements for the implementation of an environmental management system within an organization, regardless of its size and field of activity. The ISO 14001 objective is to help companies manage the impact of their activities on the environment and to demonstrate the effectiveness of their management system. The organization pledges to continuous improvement and ISO 14001 enables the company to remain in compliance with the relevant regulations.

Committing to the ISO 14001 standard brought real positive effects for POK and for the local environment, such as:

  • Decreased in expenditures, notably effective energy costs management.
  • Reduced risks: Foresighting of potential risks thank to the integration of the environment into the company's global management system.
  • Commitment: Engaging our employees in the design of virtuous circles
  • Source of innovation: Design of new eco-products like our Magikador 500.

Currently, our environmental management program is focused on the following actions:

  • Energy efficiency
    We reduced our energy consumption by setting up new energy efficient lighting in all our workshops and warehouses.
  • Effective natural resource management
    Water Recovery System. We controlled our water waste by implementing a closed circuit for water usage in our test booths and by collecting rainwater for our outdoor tests.
  • Waste reduction
    We rationalize our consumables by monitoring and decreasing our paper consumption.
  • Creating “green” jobs
    Staff training. Our employees are regularly trained on the use of chemicals (glue, solvent, oils, etc.) Every new employee is systematically and immediately made aware of our environmental policy and is committed to integrating this system of values into his or her daily work by signing our “Environmental Charter”. Fire and evacuation drills are programmed in accordance with the legislation and fully integrated into the requirements for emergency control.
  • Recycle and reuse
    We recycle cardboard and paper and we systematically collect all our scrap metal for recycling via external partners.
  • Transport
    We travel wisely and ship goods efficiently to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our commitment lasts beyond initial actions. On a regular basis, we monitor all our environmental and energy indicators.

As part of our commitment to environmental protection, and the ISO 14001 certification requirements, we design our products so when they reach the end of their life, you can 100% recycle them.

For that we invite you to disassemble as much as possible our products in order to separate and sort the components by material, to integrate them in the into the appropriate valorization or recycling processes.

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