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Caring beyond our success

POK® sees itself not only as a business but also a member of the community who takes seriously its social responsibilities. That is why we support non-profit charitable organizations with material and/or donations. We work with partners on different topics: being, Culture, Health, Safety or social issues; we share our success with others. Here you will find a selection of organizations that we engaged with:

Caring for our Heroes: Volunteer FireFighters

Worldwide, fire brigades are mainly composed of volunteer firefighters. In some countries, there are 20 times as many volunteer firefighters as professional firefighters. In France, these men and women represent 83% of the workforce or 193,000 volunteers. They are the first link in the emergency chain and, alongside the professional fire brigade, they take part in all fire and rescue service calls and duties.

These citizens have freely chosen, in addition to their private and professional lives, to devote part of their time to training and intervening to bring relief and assistance to the population.

In order to support the Aube fire brigades, which relies on this workforce, POK has signed an availability agreement. This agreement allows the Volunteer Firefighters, working within POK, to be absent for training or operational missions. By signing this agreement, POK benefits from the label "Employeur-Partenaire des Sapeurs-Pompiers" (Employer-partner of the firefighters) and further strengthens the links between POK and the fire brigade.

Sharing common values: Médecins Sans Frontières/ Doctors Without Borders

Médecins Sans Frontières is the largest organization for medical emergency aid. It was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999 for its engagements in crisis and war zones. We are proud to support all emergency services.

For more information, please visit www.msf.org.uk or www.doctorswithoutborders.org

Caring for the local community: Les Restaurants du Cœur

Les Restaurants du Cœur, literally "The restaurants of the Heart" is a French organization that distributes food and clothes to people in need. Founded in 1985 by the french humorist, film actor, comedian and author Coluche, Les Restos du Coeur expanded in Belgium in 1986 and in Germany in 1992.

For more information, please visit www.restosducoeur.org or www.restosducoeur.be/en.

Being a local ambassador: Musée Camille Claudel

Musée Camille Claudel, the museum opened in 2017. Founded as "Musée Dubois-Boucher" in 1902, the museum was open until 1940 and from 1975 to 2015. The collection includes more than 300 works by the artists Louis-Ernest Barrias, Alfred Boucher, Camille Claudel, Jules-Élie Delaunay, Paul Dubois, Lucienne Gillet, François-Auguste-René Rodin and Agathon Léonard van der Weydeveld.

The museum is located a few minutes away from our headquarters giving our employees and visitors the chance to see some amazing artworks.

For more information, please visit www.museecamilleclaudel.fr

POK Online charity shop

In order to reach our charity goals even faster, we have set up an online shop with fan articles. And you can be a part of it, because all profits from this online shop will be donated to charitable organizations.

For more information, please visit https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/pok-charity

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