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POK ® works closely with a wide network of distributors. This teamwork allows us to be present in +100 countries around the world. To ensure the promotion and sale of its products, POK is looking for distributors and partners motivated and well established in their market(s). Join us today to share strong values and an unmatched business experience.

Joining POK and its collaborators also means sharing strong values which are those of our main customers and users: Firefighters from all over the world. By joining our network, you too will actively participate in promoting products that save lives.

Our wide range of products also meets the needs of many sectors and industries. To become a POK distributor is to become the relay between our customers and users and our head office. We will accompany you in this challenge on a daily basis.

We will be there to help you distribute our products. Our staff is at your disposal to provide you with:

By becoming a POK distributor, you will be able, thanks to our products, to increase your market share and guarantee the growth of your company. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about the opportunities that await you.

Are you interested in applying and working in a long-term collaboration, to become one of the many POK partners who are already trusting us? Please complete the application form below.

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